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SmartCocoon is poised for explosive growth with a market opportunity of 64 million homes. Our patent-pending clean technology is the next generation in temperature control, creating perfect room-by-room regulation. Join hundreds of investors that have invested in SmartCocoon.


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5 Reasons to Invest in SmartCocoon

64 Million Homes: Poised for Explosive Growth

Large market opportunity of 64 million homes equipped with forced air systems, and a projected 64% of North American homes adopting smart thermostats by 2025.

Undeniable Demand: Over 11,000 Units Sold

The demand for clean technology is undeniable. With skyrocketing energy costs and government funding to reduce carbon footprint, clean energy is top of mind for residential and commercial customers.

Global Expansion: Cleantech Grant Paves the Way

Awarded the Sustainable Development Technology Canada Cleantech grant, allowing it to expand its reach to global billion-dollar markets in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Patent-Pending: 100-Year-Old Problem Solved

Our patent-pending clean technology provides a simple solution to persistent heating and cooling woes. With its advanced sensor technology, SmartCocoon provides complete room by room temperature control.

Proven Team: Passionate and Experienced

Led by seasoned tech entrepreneurs with a diverse background in both banking (BDC, Bank of Canada) and product marketing (Coca-Cola, Scotts Miracle Glow, Phantom Screens) we have the passion and experience to build and scale SmartCocoon.

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What Our Customers Say

"My master bedroom is now cool and comfortable! I will be purchasing more."


"Super easy to install and set up. Highly recommended."


"Super easy to install and set up. Highly recommended."


Starting with the 64 million homes

We are driven by a passion to transform how we heat and cool homes, starting with the 64 million homes needing a cost-effective, sustainable solution.

Our vision is to become an essential piece in a smart HVAC system; as integral as a smart thermostat or filter.

You simply would not install a central or forced air system without a SmartCocoon.

Sources: Statistics Canada 2021 Census; 2021 U.S. Census.
Based on 2022 average website order value of $191 CAD

What's next for SmartCocoon

We are at the forefront of this clean technology revolution and invite you to join us on this journey.

Possible exits

While all three are possible outcomes for the company at this time, our preferred exit strategy is to be acquired by a company in our vertical, similar to:

Nest Smart Thermostat, acquired by Google for $3.2 billion. 

Source: Forbes (2014)

Source: The Verge (2021)Source: The Verge (2021)

Source: The Verge (2021)

Proven leadership

Passion & Experience. The Winning Formula

Andrew Bowen, MBA

Andrew is an entrepreneur with a passion for cleantech and the HVAC industry - sparked during his youth when he was introduced to his grandfather's metal fabricating business, which specialized in ductwork.

 Andrew brings a wealth of expertise to the table, having honed his skills in consulting, where he developed go-to-market strategies for high-growth firms at BDC and in finance, where he managed billions of dollars at the Bank of Canada.

 His experience in product development and finance and his keen eye for business opportunities make him a valuable addition to our team.


Kaveh Raeesi
Co-Founder, COO

Kaveh is a mechanical engineer with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in solid design and certified in Lean/Six Sigma by ASQ.

 With over 25 years of experience, he has worked extensively in designing and manufacturing products and production lines.

  As our co-founder and COO, Kaveh's knowledge of industrial control systems and HVAC design/ implementations is instrumental when envisioning and designing ways to make homes more comfortable and improve the efficiency of conventional forced air systems.


Ehsan Mirdamadi
Co-founder, CTO

With a BSc in Computer Science from York University, Ehsan is an advisor, visionary and active entrepreneur since 1999.

Throughout his 24 years of experience, he has founded, led and exited a couple of successful Canadian and American ventures in Cloud Computing, highly scalable Cloud Software, IOT & cloud infrastructure.

Ehsan is our co-founder and CTO at Smartcoon, an active angel investor, a General Partner at ArchAngel (Axion fund) and an advisor to dozens of ventures for technology and venture development.


Ross Tripp
Business Development

Ross is a seasoned business executive who has primarily worked in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry with renowned companies such as Coca-Cola, Scotts Miracle-Gro, and Phantom Screens.

 Ross has a demonstrated ability to create and execute strategic sales plans effectively, delivering consistent results.

 His success can be attributed to his talent for building strong relationships with major retailers and distributors across North America while fostering mutual accountability.


Parker Gilpin, CPA CA

Parker is a finance and accounting professional with a deep background in eCommerce and rapid scaleups.

Most recently, working as CFO at a leading eCommerce holding company, scaling from $8M to over $40M in annual sales.

 In-depth knowledge of all things finance and accounting allows for proper diligence in all high-leverage financial and business operating decisions.