Smart Cocoon


Where it all began

Our Mission: to have you saying "it's just right!"

Whether you think about it or not, the climate in your home can make the difference in the way you and your family feel. We’re home owners ourselves, so we understand why comfort is so important. We’ve all experienced first hand that droughty room, the too hot bedroom in the summer months, and the other summer and winter temperature imbalances that come when the air in your home isn’t smoothly flowing. Our goal is to have you come home from a day of stress to unwind, play, and relax. If you're looking for the ultimate in home comfort, SmartCocoon can help. Our smart climate system gives you complete control over your home's airflow, so the temperature in every room is always just right.

MEET. The team

Sean Cobham, P.Eng.


Sean has many interests and activities. whether in the air, at sea or on land, he always carries a bit of cocoon with him. As the Chief Executive Officer of SmartCocoon, he's tasked with putting the pieces of the company puzzle together but knows it's all about surrounding himself with great Cocooners and that's where he feels most comfortable.

Ehsan Mirdamadi


Ehsan is also a Cocooner and a father to a cute little baby girl! At his Cocoon, him and his beautiful wife act as Chief Teaching Officers to their lovely daughter, and here at SmartCocoon, Ehsan is the Chief Technology Officer. Finding cool ways to automate comfort. The future does look comfortable!

Kaveh Raeesi


As a Cocooner himself, Kaveh is the Chief Operations Officer here at SmartCocoon and at his own Cocoon. He loves spending time with his son and beautiful wife. A clean operation under his watch! Always trying to find savings and efficiencies. He's good with his hands and builds us prototypes. But we have to put up with his bad Dad jokes. We haven't found a way to stop it.