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"It's too cold!.. It's too hot!"?

Smart Cocoon manages and controls the airflow in every room so you'd have the perfect temperature all year-round and have you saying "it's just right!" every time you walk into any area of your home!

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  • Smart Climate Control

    We help to eliminate hot and cold spots and manage your home’s climate while reducing your heating and cooling costs by up to 30%. So say goodbye to cold winters and hot summers in your bedroom. Set the temperature you like to have in your bedroom and let Smart Cocoon handle the rest!

  • Boost Airflow

    Smart Cocoon will boost airflow by 55% so you can get rid of your electric heater and portable air conditioner. By boosting the airflow that is stuck in your duct, you get the temperature you desire! 

  • Start Saving On Your Energy Bill

    Boosting airflow means you no longer need to have a high or lower set point on your thermostat just to get the desired temperature in your bedrooms. Keep your thermostat at 22°C and be comfortable in all areas of your home!

  • Works with Nest and ecobee!

    All you need is a Nest or an ecobee smart thermostat. We'll sync with your thermostat...

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    If you are not 100 happy with your Smart Cocoon, we'll give your money back!


How does Smart Cocoon work?

Smart Cocoon syncs with your Nest or ecobee smart thermostat and boosts the airflow in rooms that it's placed in.

Is it easy to set up?

You bet! Install our mobile app. Place a Smart Cocoon in the vent that has an airflow problem and plug in the adaptor. Add your Smart Cocoon to your profile using the app and let Smart Cocoon do the rest!

What's your return policy?

You have 90 days money back guarantee. No questions asked. Plus you have lifetime warranty.

Which thermostats do you support?

At the moment we only support Nest and ecobee. But we are in the process of adding other smart thermostast.. stay tuned!

What is a temperature zoning system?

A temperature zoning system is a system that allows for:
- Support of consistent temperature in a given part of a house, regardless of external conditions, such as sun, rain, snow, clouds, or wind.
- Support of different temperatures in different parts of the house at different times as desired by the owner. In an essence, each zone will have its own climate.

It is possible, for example, to have some rooms be cooler or warmer than others (individual preferences), and it is also possible to keep the same rooms at different temperature depending on, for example, whether the rooms are [supposed to be] occupied or not.