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Smart Booster Fan (4”×10”)


Smart Booster Fan (4”×10”)
Smart Booster Fan (4”×10”) Smart Booster Fan (4”×10”) Smart Booster Fan (4”×10”) Smart Booster Fan (4”×10”)

Smart Booster Fan (4”×10”)

  • Eliminates undesired temperature in different rooms during summer and winter
  • Save up to 20% on your utility bill
  • Easy and DIY setup
  • Works with both smart and conventional thermostats
  • Adjust it to your liking using IOS or Android mobile app
  • Compatible with any standard vent grill  (Installation Opening Required: Length(10 in/ 25 cm), Width(4 in/ 10 cm), Depth ( 3 in/ 7.6 cm)
  • Ensure your entire family including your pets are healthy, comfortable and cozy.
Smart Booster Fan (4”×10”)

Smart Booster Fan (4”×10”)


>> 30 day money back guarantee

>> 1 year warranty

>> Do it yourself installation

Product Details

Smart and WIFI-enabled booster fans to improve Airflow (80 cfm) coming from HVAC Systems
Fits in  4"x10" registers
Android & iOS Apps
Quiet operation (28 Dba)
Works in sync with smart thermostats (Nest & Ecobee), as well as conventional thermostats
Can operate with or without WIFI connectivity
Safe and low voltage operation with wall adaptor
System Requirements
Internet connection with a WiFi connectivity
Mobile device or Tablet running iOS or Android
Wall outlets in each room
Forced air central heating and/or cooling system (HVAC systems)

Frequently Asked Questions

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2- How many smart fans do I need and where should I install them?
3- Should I buy a smart thermostat like nest & ecobee to be able to use your device?
4- How should I setup my smart vent system?
5- How noisy is the device?
6- My vent is on the ceiling, can I still use your smart fan?
7- What if it didn't work for me?
8- How would you compare smart booster fans with smart vents?

How It Works?

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