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Smart (wifi) Register Booster Fan

The FIRST Smart Microzoning Climate Control System for residential buildings that allows you to adjust temperature down to specific rooms in your house!

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Now Smarter than Ever.

You can now control your smart fan using different modes;
Choose between on/off, eco and Auto:

on/off keeps the fan always on/off no matter if the main system is working or not.

eco turns the fan on only when the main HVAC system is working, which makes it the most energy efficient mode.

Auto shows the estimated room temperature and the user can define setpoints for each individual room. in this mode, the fan works only if the main system is working and also if the room temperature is not meeting the user's desired temperature (the setpoint).

Application Setup

Please start the process by making sure your phone is connected to your 2.4Ghz home WiFi and that you have the Network Name and Password ready. 

  1. Plugin the smart fan
    Find a wall plug close to your router/modem.
    Connect the power cable connector to the unit and plug it in the power supply
  2. Download the SmartCocoon app
    Search “SmartCocoon” in your app store. Application is available for both iOS and android smart phones.
  3. Register and sync the app with your thermostat
    Follow the steps in the app and fill in the required fields. Synchronize with your thermostat (this only applies to smart thermostats).
    Add the room where the smart fan will be installed
  4. Add your smart fan
    Enter to the room and press the “Add Device” or “+” button.
    If you are using an Android phone, the device will be automatically detected. If using an iOS, you need to enter the fan ID manually. Please note the fan ID is a 3 or 4 digit number printed on the fan body.
    Enter the proper network name and password. If using Android you will have a list of available networks. Make sure to choose 2.4Ghz and proceed with the passwords. If using iOS, the network name should be entered manually. Press “OK” and wait. Please do not close the app or switch apps during the setup. Also keep your phone close to the device and do not move the phone.

Watch Andriod app installation tutorial


In case of a fan connection error, please reset the device.

  1. Using a thin object (such as a pin or paperclip), press the reset button located through a hole on the control box.
  2. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds.
  3. You will see the fans start and stop 2 times.
  4. Then repeat the "App Installation" steps from 3.

Please note that your smart fan is fully automatic but in order to start working it needs to be properly placed inside the vent. It also requires the main HVAC system to actively work, meaning there should be hot/ cold air coming out of the vent.

Start with removing the existing grill. Wipe or vacuum inside the vent before installation, Use brackets if/where needed.

Step1. Pass a bracket through each of the four slots until it clicks, making sure the tabs face outwards.

Step2. Place a spring in the hole between opposite brackets. 

Step3. Connect the adapter cord and plug in the adapter. Make sure the Main HVAC system is off or on standby before starting the next step.

Step4. Place the Smart Fan inside the vent. Push far enough for the tabs to latch onto the floor.
Turn on your home’s HVAC system _ set to cooling or heating_ and wait to feel warm/cold air coming out while the device is inside the vent.

- After about 90 seconds the fans will start turning and your device is all set up. If the device does not start in 3 minutes contact support.

Step5. Place the vent grill back into place.

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