Smart Cocoon

SmartCocoon Smart (wifi) Booster Fan

With everything you need in the box, installation is simple.

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What's in the box

Application Setup

Application setup needs to be done before placing the smart fan in the vent.
Please start the process by making sure your phone is connected to your 2.4 Ghz home WiFi and that you have the network name and password ready.

  1. Plugin the smart fan
    Connect the power cord connector to the control box and in the power supply.

  2. Download the Smart Cocoon App
    Application is available for both iOS and android smart phones. Search "Smart Cocoon" in your app store or Google play

  3. Register and Add your smart Fan
    Follow the steps in the app and fill in the required fields. Synchronize with your thermostat (this only applies to smart thermostats).
    Add the room where the smart fan will be installed and then add the device to the room.

  4. Troubleshooting
    In case of a fan connection error, please reset the device. Using a thin object (such as a pin or paperclip), press the reset button located through a hole on the control box. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds.
    You will see the fans start and stop 2 times.
    Then repeat the steps from 3.

your Smart Fan

Step1. Remove the existing grill, wipe or vacuum inside the vent. Use the brackets where needed.

Step2. Place a spring in the hole between opposite brackets.

Step3. Use the provided Velcro to mount the control box on the side of the Smart Fan and push the excess wire inside the vent. 

Step4. If there's no room in the vent for the control box or you're experiencing difficulty connecting the smart fan to the WiFi, try placing the control box on the baseboard or inside the vent.

Step5. Place the fan inside the vent, push far enough for the tabs to touch the floor.
Connect the power cord connector to the control box and plug in the power supply, the place the grill back.

Not a DIY Person?

Installation is free if you're in Toronto & GTA

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