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Summer is Coming!

Summer is Coming!

Summer is Coming!

No matter how many years we live in this country, seasonal change always comes as a surprise.  It’s Spring. A chill is still in the air and snow is all but a memory. The birds are chirping and kids are counting the days until school’s out.  Outside is still a little cold and looks like a grey and brown mess, but inside your home, you’re nice and comfy.

As the days get longer, you can vaguely remember that last year you had to deal with that special room. You know the one that got so hot in August you could have slapped a placard on the door labeled “Sauna, not habitable” and made sure not to store perishables in it, let alone a human being. You did what you could - opened windows, plugged in a floor fan, but more than likely you just avoided the room if you could. You promised yourself and loved ones that you’d figure something else out for next year. Hot and cold spots throughout your home may go away from time to time, but they always come back.


Last year your great intentions were proportionally related to the agony of every minute spent in the “Sauna.” But that doesn’t change the fact that Summer is coming and you need a solution - fast.

How most homes are heated and cooled

Most homes in North America have a central forced air heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Often known as a furnace it distributes hot air in the winter and cool air in the summer when coupled with an outdoor air conditioner. Its purpose is to push the air throughout your home using a centralized blower fan. These fans have specific pressure and airflow ratings. Once air leaves blower it’s up to the ducts and vents to carry and release it into the rooms of your home.

The effects of aging

As our home ages, the HVAC system often has a problem keeping up. There’s a number of reasons - system degradation, debris, clogged filters, leaky ducts, and many others. And over the years, some homes go through a renovation changing the location of rooms and the length of the ducts.

Smart Cocoon Smart Booster Fan

What is a Booster Fan?

A duct booster fan is not a one-stop solution to all air flow management problems, but it could help. Standard duct booster fans are either installed in-line with ductwork, or they’re a drop-in-vent solution. There are a few devices to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

A standard inline duct booster fan requires professional installation, ductwork modifications and the running of control and power lines back to the HVAC central system’s controller. This is an effective, but costly solution.

Conventional in-vent blower fans can be installed by the homeowner in a matter of minutes. These systems plug into a wall and are controlled by manually setting a thermostat on the unit. Keeping up with the weather requires regular adjustments and means popping the unit out of the vent, manually changing the set point and placing it back. Conventional blower fans are cost-effective but quite often don’t automatically adapt to the home environment or synchronize with the HVAC system. They can continue to blow unconditioned air into the room, potentially making the situation worse.

What are Smart Vents?

Smart vents have risen in popularity over recent years. They replace existing vent covers and attempt to control airflow using modulated dampers. They have the potential to increase pressure in the ducting system that could lead to unintended consequences.

Smart Cocoon Smart Booster Fan

Advantages of a Smart Booster Fan

Smart Cocoons’ Smart Booster Fan is an effective way of actively managing air flow that synchronizes with your home thermostat's (smart or not) control of the HVAC system. Our app allows you to customize your experience. It’s only on when your HVAC system operates, keeping up with changes of your dynamic environment. The Smart Booster Fan quickly fits inside the vent, not changing the look but definitely changing the feel of the room.

Smart Cocoons’ Smart Booster Fan may not be the answer to all your homes airflow problems, however, it’s an intelligent and cost-effective way of getting you and your family through another summer season in relative comfort.