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How a Smart Booster Fan Improves Your HVAC’s Efficiency

How a Smart Booster Fan Improves Your HVAC’s Efficiency

HVAC Efficiency


ost of us have that one room in our houses that never seems to be the same temperature as the rest of our home. They’re either too hot in the summer or freezing in the winter and no matter how we adjust the thermostat and close off vents it doesn’t seem to help. There are many solutions out there to address this issue, a majority of them are very costly ($30k or more!) and could require major renovations to your home. A more cost-effective, renovation-free option is to get a booster fan. An even better solution is a smart booster fan from Smart Cocoon.

What are Booster Fans?

Booster fans are small fans, separate from your HVAC system and are inserted into the vent opening on the floor of your troublesome rooms. Due to the maze-like path the ducts provide, air gets constricted and is unable to reach all areas of your home evenly. This issue is even worse for older houses that were built before modern HVAC systems were invented and now have to try and accommodate them. Booster fans help the air that remains trapped in your HVAC system after it’s been turned off, circulate around the ducts, warming or cooling the troublesome spots in your house. The way booster fans work is that they have their own thermostat that senses the room temperature and based on the settings you choose they start and turn off the fans in order to regulate the airflow.

Not only can these fans help keep your home at the comfortable temperature all year round, but they can also save you money on your energy bill. By reducing the active cycles of your HVAC system they lower your overall energy consumption.

What Makes Smart Cocoon’s Booster Fans Smart?

Our smart booster fans have all the benefits mentioned above of a regular booster fan plus so much more!

  1. Work with both smart and conventional thermostats
    Using an algorithm that properly detects cooling, heating, blowing and off states of the HVAC system in your house, they work significantly more effectively in creating the desired comfort and energy saving benefits.
  2. Reduced energy consumption.
    Our smart booster fans help you save more energy by blowing all the conditioned air trapped in the ducting system even after the HVAC unit goes to standby or off mode.

  1. Comfortable Temperature throughout the house
    Our smart register booster fans can provide some level of energy saving by creating an equilibrium throughout homes. You won't need to turn up or down your thermostat settings to adjust with a desired temperature in a room or at different times of the day.

  2. comfortable temperature in kids room and throughout the house
  3. Setup and Control using the Mobile App
    Which allows you to control the power and adjust operating intensity of the fan

  4. Set it and forget it
    You don’t need to be readjusted as the seasons turn

  5. Pushing the air where it's needed
    Lastly and most importantly, working in tandem with Smart Thermostats and redirecting the air to where it should be pushed to or based on user preference. Without a “microzoning” ability, even smart thermostat cannot redirect the air flow, they essentially can only turn on or off the HVAC system. Although most of the smart thermostats now provide standalone temperature sensors to be placed in different rooms, they essentially cannot do much with them.

Final Thought

Booster fans are a great way to help make your home feel more comfortable and save you money in the process. We take this a step further by making it more user friendly and simpler to control. Smart Booster Fans can act as the arms and legs of the thermostats pushing the air where it should be pushed to and based on user/room preference. This includes free installation for those living in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. They’re easy to troubleshoot and have a 1 year warranty. For more information on our booster fans checkout our website. We’re excited to help make your house feel even more like a home.

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