Smart Cocoon

Get room-by-room  temperature control with SmartCocoon.

Feel the difference with our 'drop and go' smart vent. Compatible with all thermostats, our smart booster fan will give you temperature control for each room in your home.

Proudly Made in Ontario

MEET SmartCocoon.
Smart (Wifi) Register Booster Fan

The FIRST Smart Microzoning Climate Control System that allows for temperature control down to specific rooms.

The SmartCocoon Smart (wifi) Booster Fans seamlessly redirect the airflow to areas and rooms where it's too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Each unit comes with all the smarts and AI algorithm to bring efficiency to the overall HVAC system.

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SmartCocoon Smart (wifi) booster fan

Home comfort at your Fingertips

Set your desired temperature for each individual room using the mobile app and let your smart fan take care of the rest.

Reach the comfortable temperature in matter of minutes and not days.

Download the app for Android or iOS

WHY. SmartCocoon

Eliminate uneven airflow by adding your smart booster fans ONLY in problem areas not the entire house

Save up to 30% annually on your heating and cooling costs using only 1 or 2 units

Adjust the temperature for each individual room seamlessly using your smartphone.

Works with both smart and conventional thermostats

What our clients say:

WORKS. with

Smart Thermostats

Your SmartCocoon smart (WiFi) fan works with nest and ecobee and similar products

& Conventional Thermostats

That's right, you can use your existing thermostat and still see the difference.

Using sensors your fan is already equipped with everything needed to bring you the optimum temperature.

Smart Cocoon Smart Booster Fan

No need to change a thing around your house;

Keep your thermostat

Keep your vent grill

Redefine home comfort today!

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