Let's Bring Cozy to Every Room!

No matter which room you're in, our job is to make sure the temperature is always right!

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Right Temperature

Smart Cocoon eliminates hot and cold zones in your home by working in tandem with your main heating  and cooling system in addition to your thermostat.

Throughout your House

Control the airflow throughout your home and make every room comfortable at all times, no matter the season.

10-20% in Savings

By giving you complete control over your home's airflow, Smart Cocoon can shave dollars off your monthly energy bill.

& More importantly it's very easy to install!

A Smart Booster Fan that Speaks to the Needs of your Family

Whether you think about it or not, the climate in your home can make the difference in the way you and your family feel. In most houses there's a room that feels draughty, too hot or too cold.

At Smart Cocoon we came up with a solution to deal with temperature imbalances during the summer and winter months so that every room feels always right.

Our smart booster fan gives you complete control over your home's airflow, so the temperature in every room is always just right.

Even Bingo Feels Comfy!

Even Bingo feels comfyFIND OUT MORE


  • Control the airflow throughout your home using the mobile app
  • State of art technology that's compatible with all types of thermostats, smart or none smart
  • Make every room comfortable at all times, no matter the season. 
  • An invisible device that simply sits under your vent cover
  • Portable Heading to the cottage? take your smart fan with you!
  • Very quiet fans

Take a step closer to a smarter home! 

Control your smart fans using your phone!

Adjust each fan for individual room in your house to achieve desired temperature.

You don't need to buy a smart thermostat to be able to see the results.
Using sensors your fan is already equipped with everything needed to bring you optimum temperature.

But if you already have one, your Smart Cocoon smart fan is compatible with nest and ecobee.

Cocoon Love...

After installing a Smart Cocoon's smart fan in the master bedroom on the second floor, we noticed that the room temperature is more balanced and it felt more comfortable. I am extremely happy with their customer service and I recommend Smart Cocoon to all of my friends.

N. Ahmadi

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Still wondering if our smart fans are the right solution for your house? We'll be happy to help you figure that out.
...and just so you know, we have a 30 day money back guarantee!

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